LXL Molding

Custom Injection Molding Expert

Molding Applications

Home Appliances

LXL molding provides customized connectors, knobs, adjusters,sofa-legs,chair rollers,handles,protection covers and etc components for both indoor and outdoor home appliances like BBQ grillers, bench, foldable tables and chairs since 1997.

Smart Home Device

Starting from smart window and garage production lines, LXL molding provides one stop service for smart roller-shade, blinds, window opener, garage goods lifter and power adapter from design drawing, prototyping to finished goods delivery.

Consumer Electronic

ODM management is an upgrade service from LXL molding. Starting from software development, PCBAs layout designs, industrial and mechanical design, 3D prototype to finished goods such as portable post machine and crypto smartphone.

Creative Product

LXL molding also involves in innovative projects in many new developed industry such as new healthcare and sports industries. LXL molding's key value combines consultancy from design stage, cost and time evaluation, beta testing etc.

Supply Chain Management


LXL provides a solid supply chain for PCBAs, batteries, metal-ware, electronics, gearboxes & motors.


There are 4 assembly lines at LXL molding's facility. We customize working stations for each sku line.


LXL molding owns over 32000 sq.ft fixed and over 10000 sq.ft flexible storage space for customers' needs.


Professional logistic companies work with LXL molding to secure cost and time sufficient shipping service.

Square Feet' Factory Area
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Company Campaign

We are invited to attend the TV show《This is the Mecha》on Youku.com in 2018.

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