Custom Injection Mold-Plastic Injection Molding Services

All of our customer molds are built in house and LXL provides mold cost refund plans for you!

LXL provides full project development service for all our customers. Starting from plastic part evaluation, free design consultations and advices for choose of materials. We have engineers for injection molds, plastic parts, and injection machines that are over decades of experience. LXL offers these free services at the beginning of a project to help our customers avoid unnecessary costs such as re-design the parts, change of materials, etc…

Custom Injection Mold-Plastic Injection Molding Services

LXL has the capacity of building 20+ new molds at one-time monthly in house and 30+ ones in brother mold factory. Different than other companies, all of our customer molds are built in house. LXL has 10+ mold development equipments. The lead time of building a mold is usually range from 15 days to 45 days according to individual products. The cost of building a mold is completely different too according to different parts. Most importantly, LXL provides mold cost refund plans for you!

Why Plastic Injection Molds have relatively higher price?

  • Mold material requires high quality aluminum and steel grades in order to withstand high pressure.
  • Mold engineers are highly skilled and well paid. Most of them have more than 10 years of working experience.
  • Very Expensive software & hardware. Mold development requires very expensive and precise machines like CNC, EDM, and milling machines.
  • Long Lifetime. Most of the plastic injection molds can last over years and produce millions of parts ONLY if you choose a good mold factory.

Some of the major topics of plastic injection molding that we usually talking about is:

  1. Consistent wall thicknesses throughout the part to avoid shrinkages.
  2. Choose of material to best function it’s features.
  3. Applying the proper surface treatment to meet customer’s needs.
  4. Applying the proper tooling draft angle.
  5. Advising options for tooling cavities and structures.



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